Nordic Holiday

They say that Santa Claus comes from the Lapland region of northern Sweden and Finland; after visiting this picturesque, snow-covered region, we can't argue that there is a particular charm to the seasonal sensibility of those Northern nations. So we've honored their style with a line of block printed Dalecarlian horse, patterned ice skates, and stylized reindeer. So, as they say in Sweden, God Jul!

Decorative Pillows

Folk Love
ATE-393 13X22
ATE-394 18X18
Kirsten's Tree
ATE-395 18X18
Santa's Sleigh
ATE-396 20X20
Glass Skaters
ATE-397 20X20
Lucy's Hearts
ATE-398 13X22
Festive Bow
ATE-399 18X18

Tree Skirt

ATE-391 60"D
God Jul
ATE-392 60"D


Season of Love
ATE-387 20X12
Dala Horse
ATE-388 20X12
Winter Woolies
ATE-389 20X12
Red Nose
ATE-390 20X12
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